Ventrilo Server Locations

Location! Location! Location! We got you covered from anywhere in the world! With over 21 world wide locations to choose from and on the fly server migration from within our control panel you cannot go wrong here at RitmoHost! If you do, just change it!

Take a brief look at all our locations below and see what they have to offer! Make your selection on the order page, but dont worry! If you choose the wrong one, just migrate your server through the control panel after it has been created. If you have any questions about any of our locations just let us know! You can also test each one of our locations by clicking on the appropriate link in the demo servers pane to the far right of the website.

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RitmoHost Worldwide Ventrilo Server Locations

  • Dallas, TX USA RitmoHost's Dallas TX facility has widely been accepted as having the fastest and largest connectivity to the mid-west United States. Connectivity provided through Mzima's hosting and network infrastructure enhances this value proposition exponentially further through 350+ peers and a solid smart-routing network. This makes RitmoHost's Dallas location a prime choice for anyone looking to reach a primarily US-based audience with superb reliable latency critical IP technologies.
  • Los Angeles, CA USA RitmoHost's Los Angeles CA clients benefit from superior connectivity over all other west coast alternatives such as San Diego and San Jose. In sticking with strictly enterprise grade hardware for all our servers in Los Angeles you can be assured to take advantage of the best of the west. Our network was built with critical latency to central and eastern USA as well as to Europe and the United Kingdom and abroad.
  • New York, NY USA RitmoHost's New York, NY servers at 100 William St in New York City take advantage of the largest data center exchange facility in the country. Our services are run on one of the largest IP backbones in the United States, taking advantage of mass availability of connectivity. We utilize multiple redundant 10Gbps links across our range of locations which are provided to us by the top 10 leading US network providers. Our NY, NY location is perfect for all of the US and into Europe!
  • Tampa, FL USA RitmoHost's Tampa facility is simply fantastic. The connectivity is comprised of multiple redundant Tier 1 back-bone providers. Through partnerships with Level 3, Time Warner Telecom, Global Crossing and Cogent we currently have over 40 Gbps bandwidth capacity routed via FCP and BGP4 protocol. Simply put, we have an enormous connection directly to the internet and pur BGP and FCP route optimization will always choose the quickest path to get your data from point A (RitmoHost Vent Server) to point B (your ocation) and minimizing latency and delivering promising results.
  • Ashburn, VA USA RitmoHost's Ashburn servers are housed in a PEER-1 multi level low rise building, with UPS (N+1) and diesel generator(N+1) power systems, security card access with full DVR monitoring, Pre-action dry pipe sprinkler system with clean agent fire extinguishers, and a state of the art climate control system keeping our servers cool and performing top of the line for your use. We also are only 23 miles from fiber in Washington, DC so you can be sure your mission critical data is secure, reliable, and fast.
  • Chicago, IL USA RitmoHost's Chicago IL point-of-presence is our baby. The facility is housed in a Tier III uptime requirements met facility at 1808 Swift Drive in Oakbrook, right on the edge of downtown Chicago. The data center is unquestionably the best place for a server in the Chicago area, and kept to higher standards than most data centers throughout the midwest. This facility is located in a high density, SAS70-compliant, 2N+1 data center which allows for increased power per square foot than our competitors in the midwest. Our vision is to provide our wide array of services to our clients in one of the most reliable and secure facilities in the Chicagoland area. Choosing Chicago as your location provides fast connectivity to the mid-west United States and Canada from a secure land-locked location and eliminates risks of hurricanes, earthquakes, tsunamis, and other natural disasters, while maintaining an affordable price and superior connectivity.
  • Seattle, WA USA RitmoHost's Seattle, WA point-of-presence is housed inside Ubiquity's Seattle data center. Located within the world class PacketExchange operated space at Intergate West (A component of the Sabey Technology Park). Ubiquity provides a low-latency mission critical network to the western United States and Canada with onsite staff and excellent solutions. RitmoHost recognizes the importantance in low latency networks and choose Ubiquity as our solution based on their location within Seattle's most rapidly expanding technology hub. We fully believe that this partnership presents us with perhaps the highest quality, customer oriented hosting solutions provider in this region.
  • Atlanta, GA USA RitmoHost's Atlanta, GA Location is powered also by Ubiquity, housed in 56 Marietta in downtown Atlanta, Georgia across the street from its twin 55 Marietta these two buildings operate as the state of Georgia's Internet hub, with nearly all network service providers in the region located on-site, and at our disposal. The building is owned and operated by Telx and provides 160,000 SF fully dedicated carrier hotel/interconnect facility utilizing Redundant Brocade XMR 4000 Edge Routing and Cisco Catalyst 2950 and 3750 access switches to provide N+1 fully redundant meshed network connectivity. RitmoHost's presence within 56 Marietta allows not only reliable and low-latency connectivity to our upstream providers (each with POP's located inside), but also immediate access to peering and ease of cross-connect potential for our other hosting solutions.
  • Amsterdam, The Netherlands RitmoHost's Amsterdam Datacenter is highly secured with excellent connections and a spacious data floor area of more than 9,000 square meters (97,000 square feet). It is both ISO 9001 and ISO 27001 certified, and can quickly be expanded to over 40,000 square meters (431,000 square feet). Our facilities infrastructure has been carefully designed to facilitate growth with available autonomous A+B- power supplies, dual generator sets, and backup battery UPS to provide assured continuous power delivery to LeaseWeb customers. The current capacity of 20 Megawatt can be expanded up to 40 - 80 Megawatts of on-demand power. The datacenter is fully protected with a VESDA fire surpression system as well as fire resistant walls and design throughout the facility for maximum structural integrity and the protection of valuable customer server infrastructure.
  • Coppenhagen, Denmark RitmoHost's Coppenhagen servers are housed inside EasySpeedy's worldclass datacenter located directly in downtown Coppenhagen. The building was designed to provide redundant facilities to Telecom's, ISP's, and to hosting providers like ourselves. Our networks back-bone is connected to Level 3, TeliaSonera, NetGroup (Global Crossing), and Danish Broadband on gigabit fibres in a n+1 redundant environment and over 600+ international carriers for a 100% redundant network.
  • Dublin, Ireland RitmoHost's Dublin, Ireland location is provided by RapidSwitch one of the leading server hosting companies in the UK and abroad. They host over 4,000 servers for a wide range of clients and are part of the Iomart Group PLC, an AIM-listed group focussed on all aspects of hosting. The group has five data centres (Glasgow, London, Maidenhead, Nottingham and Leicester) and employs over 150 staff. We choose them due to their customer focus and continued commitment to providing hosting excellence. With them we can succeed in providing you top tier service.
  • Frankfurt, Germany RitmoHost's Frankfurt, Germany location is located at Netdirekt's Frankfurt datacenter. With more than a 100GBit connection to the internet and every server utilizing a 1GBit NIC card we are poised for perfection. The datacenter is highly visible and air conditioned, monitored with CCTV cameras and security services and located in the prime location for quick access and super low latency with great connectivity throughout Germany and neighboring countries such as Austria and Switzerland and abroad. With Netdirekt and RitmoHost are your perfect home for Central Europe Ventrilo server hosting!
  • Tel Aviv, Isreal RitmoHost's Tel Aviv data centers are run by Internet Gold-Golden Lines, LTD. Golden Lines is one of the largest providers of telephony and internet communications in Isreal. Golden Lines was the first company in Israel to receive a license from the Ministry of Communications enabling it to provide telephony services such as domestic technology calls over the Internet Voice over Broadband (VoB) and has continued to be an industry leader with over half a million customers. RitmoHost strives to provide the world's leading technologies and superior support with critical low latency connectivity, and with Golden Lines we are able to provide that to you!
  • Gdansk, Poland RitmoHost's Gdansk Poland facility is brand new and state of the art! Completed in 2010 by Computer Internet Systems ( Nephax ) this facility features Guaranteed Uninterruptible Power System utilizing both a UPS and Generator, as well as redundant cooling services. The data center was built to exceed the stringent requirements of Tier-3 ANSI/TIA-942 standards. The datacenter is built 4 meters above ground level on a hill to avoid flood plains and is 2 km from the center of Gdansk, 70 meters above sea level. The modern high-speed network is state of the art, linking two nodes into Gdansk. The entire network has the topology of many tiers so in the case of equipment failure or interruption of the connection (eg, broken route in the city) traffic is automatically switched to another route and minimal loss of service will occur. In addition to providing reliable low latency access in Poland, we are able to cross connect to other operators in Gdansk should we need to further increase our capacity or our peering. Choose RitmoHost's Gdansk location for Polish Ventrilo Server Hosting needs!
  • Paris, France RitmoHost's Paris servers are hosted in the Equinix exchange building and powered by tinet. Our network in Paris is built around 4 principals. Scalability, Quality Assurance, Seamless Infrastructure and Industry Best. Our network PoPs support over 40 Gbps capacity, currently connected by multiple and diversely routed 10 Gbps circuits to ensure high diversity across the entire backbone. We Guarantee the highest standard in Quality of Service for traffic throughput and route availability by utilizing Tinet’s MPLS Traffic Engineering. 100% based on Juniper Networks’ technology, the network supports end-to-end traffic management, faster service deployment and easier troubleshooting. RitmoHost ensures our suppliers, and our datacenters apply to industry best practices and tools for traffic engineering and capacity planning to deliver an optimal product to your desktop.
  • Stockholm, Sweeden RitmoHost's Stockholm servers are located within ServaInet's datacenter located in middle of Sweden, and connected to primary multi-GBit backbone direct to Stockholm. The facilities were built with security and connectivity in mind. Just like all our other locations we hold our providers to the strictest standards. Our Sweedish location is fully redundant with backup generators and UPS installed. Cooling is provided via state of the art HVAC system, and peace of mind is secured with a brand new fire surpression system. While most routing is transferred through the UK for most in Sweeden we here at RitmoHost have brought the location right to your back door. If your in Sweeden then you need RitmoHost's reliable Stockholm Sweeden Ventrilo Server Hosting!
  • Sandefjord, Norway RitmoHost's Norway presence is located in downtown Sandefjord Norway. Located in TerraHost's facilities in Sandefjord you can be sure your data is secure and your connection is of top priority. The location provides multiple redundant fiber links to the Internet with redundant power sources, and an emergency power solution. Housed in an optimal climate controlled environment the servers run cool and continuous. Security is provided by onsite services combined with alarms and video surveillance. Like all our locations, personnel are available onsite 24 hours a day 7 days a week 365 days a year. Our norway location is great for your Northern Europe Ventrilo Server Hosting needs!
  • Singapore, Singapore RitmoHost's Southeast Asian hub is located at MobileOne in Singapore, Singapore. M1 is a leading integrated communications service provider in Singapore, with more than 1.8 million customers. They provide a full range of voice and data communications services over thier 2G/3G/3.5G network, as well as fixed and mobile broadband. M1 was the first mobile operator in Singapore to offer High Speed Downlink Packet Access (HSDPA) in December 2006 when it launched 'M1 Broadband' - Singapore's first true island-wide wireless broadband service. They continue to assist us in bringing quality Southeast Asian alternative for our Ventrilo and hosting clients.
  • London, United Kingdom RitmoHost's London, United Kingdom location is provided by RapidSwitch ( Our Ireland provider aswell ) one of the leading server hosting companies in the UK and abroad. They host over 4,000 servers for a wide range of clients and are part of the Iomart Group PLC, an AIM-listed group focussed on all aspects of hosting. The group has five data centres (Glasgow, London, Maidenhead, Nottingham and Leicester) and employs over 150 staff. We choose them due to their customer focus and continued commitment to providing hosting excellence. With them we can succeed in providing you top tier service.
  • Toronto, Canada RitmoHost's Toronto point-of-presence is great for our Canadian gamers due to it being hosted directly at Shaw/Cablevision. The data center is equipped with sophisticated fire and flood prevention, temperature, humidity and access control systems that keep our servers running smoothly in a secure environment. Shaw/Cablevision is the leading provider of high speed access in Toronto which will ensure near lan speeds and latency all while maintaining the rest of our standards at an affordable price.
  • Montreal, Canada RitmoHost's flagship Canadian facility is ready for expansion! We are housed in the famous iWeb-NE facility with over 30,000sq ft of space and room for over 20,000 servers! iWeb operates four data centers ( over 90,000sq ft ) three of which are completely owned by the company to allow the breathing room needed to enable the facilities to answer and respond with the clientele's specific needs while respecting a series of criteria concerning accessibility, security and availability. Connectivity is provided through PEER1, Tata, Cogent, Videotron, Level3, Deutsche Telekom bringing a very crisp mix. Our Canadian friend's cannot go wrong here!